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“Carole, is one of the most innovative Marketing and PR people I have worked with. She is also one of the few creative people I have managed who has not only been able to conceive great ideas but has also demonstrated exceptional speed and tenacity in driving these ideas to a highly successful conclusion. She is a great asset to any team!”
Jill Murray – VP of EMEA Marketing, Trustwave

“Working with Carole is an absolute pleasure – she has the rare combination of an endless supply of creative ideas, boundless enthusiasm and a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. Carole’s infectious energy means she can consistently motivate and get the best out of people. She’s also a genuine team player and a real expert in the security field. The success she’s made of Naked Security is a prime example of her ability to innovate, spot a trend and capitalise on it.”
Flora Haslam – Joint Managing Director, Johnson King public relations

“I’ve worked alongside Carole for many years, and she’s always impressed me with her enthusiastic energy, razor-sharp mind and attention to detail. When she headed up Sophos’s global PR activity, we saw levels of coverage that were the envy of our competitors – making a relatively unknown B2B vendor the first people that TV stations and newspapers would call if they needed a comment on computer security…”
Graham Cluleywww.grahamcluley.com

“I’ve worked on the opposite side of the the PR, media divide from Carole for many years on she’s always been a pleasure to work with. I’d unhesitatingly recommend her for any senior media relations or social media development role. Carole is a great ideas persona and communicator who understands the media. She was the driving force behind the Naked Security blog and spearheaded Sophos’s push to release a free of charge security scanner for Apple Macs. While lesser media relations folk were war dialing and spamvertising so-so stories Carole was building compelling stories that the tech media simply couldn’t ignore. She understands the security technology well enough to explain it simply, a rare and valuable skill.”
John Leydenwww.theregister.co.uk

“Having engaged with Carole and seen her speak about all things social media, it solidified my belief about how this digital wave can fundamentally affect a company’s brand and its time to revenue. Carole is knowledgeable, charming and very passionate – very infectious!”
Koby Amedume – EMEA Marketing Director, Kaseya

“In all of my experience of working with Carole, I have always been impressed by her energy, enthusiasm and ability to get things done. Carole has great people skills and puts this to excellent use in getting people to work effectively within a project. PR expertise coupled with a sound knowledge of IT security have enabled her to develop the Naked Security brand to where it is today – an internationally renowned brand that is the go to place for security news for numerous IT professionals.”
Fraser Howard – Principle Malware Researcher, Sophos

“I worked with Carole to deliver Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition. The launch of this product has made such a big splash (hundreds of thousands of downloads and hundreds of tweets) because of Carole’s PR expertise in all the latest social media tools as well as due to the close relationships she has fostered in the journalistic community. Carole is really friendly, a great motivator, has innovative ideas and is great fun to work with.”
Katarina Hunt – Project Manager, Sophos

“Interacting with Carole is always a great experience. She is passionate, she is a true volcano of creativity. The most amazing thing, however, is not that she comes up with great and sometimes apparently crazy ideas. It is the fact that she knows exactly which of them are going to work – mark of a true PR professional.”
Slawomir Kilanowski – Development Manager Non-Windows, Sophos

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