5 valuable Twitter strategies to steal from Tesco Mobile

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Tesco Mobile LogoTesco Mobile doesn’t have the brand sex appeal of Nike, Coca Cola or Apple. And it doesn’t possess the mobile footprint of China mobile and Vodafone.

But its fresh approach to social media engagement, particularly obvious on Twitter is turning heads and getting some well deserved kudos.

See for yourself:
TescoMobile responds to @Felipe 16102013
TescoMobile responds to @JoshuaBaptiste 26102013

@TescoMobile‘s fresh approach is to be, gulp, human.

This approach may have been inspired by Apple’s Siri, now famous for its cute replies to questions users have typed in.

So, having examined the activity, here are 5 take-aways we can all learn from @TescoMobile:

  1. Respond: It is amazing how many corporate social media accounts, manned by several staff, fail to respond. When they do, the channel is used to broadcast rather than converse.
  2. Don’t take things offline: Responding publicly allows you to have a stage where replying to one person, you inform or entertain the rest of your community.
  3. Lighten up: It is ok to be a tad flippant if your business allows it. This is after all Twitter for a mobile provider, not the annual board meeting examining human rights.
  4. Have some personality: Showing that your organisation’s employs humans with character goes a long way to build brand love and loyalty.
  5. Be edgy: Always towing a sensible company line is dull for those you pull it and those who have to read it. You cannot be loved by all, so stop trying. Choose your audience and tailor your messaging to please it.

High five to the company for loosening its grip on the corporate voice, and letting people reply with humour and sass where he/she feels it is appropriate. People are talking about it, so you are doing something right. :)

Carole Theriault5 valuable Twitter strategies to steal from Tesco Mobile

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