Thumbs up to a Professional Skills section on Facebook? [UPDATED]

facebook_professionalSo reports from Mashable and Sociobits say that Facebook has surreptitiously added a Professional Skills section to their About | Work and Education section.

Now, I cannot see it on my Facebook profile, so perhaps this new Professional Skills section is being rolled out slowly, or is only available in the US at the moment. I will keep my eyes peeled over the next few weeks to see if it shows up.*

It isn’t surprising that Facebook wants to grow beyond a site where people interact socially. Sure, it has a billion+ users, but if it wants to have all your information, ignoring the jobs market doesn’t strike me as a clever approach. It does make sense that Facebook would want to nab a bit of the employment action.

Many will be watching to see how this Professional Skills section in Facebook grows in complexity. Will they include attained employment goals, allow you tag bosses and colleagues, or encourage recommendations? Or will it die off as quietly as it was introduced?

Whatever happens, it’s easy to see that if Facebook is trying to create an entire profile of every individual with a profile on the site, what we do and where we work are valuable assets for the social giant to collate.

But did Facebook leave it too late?

To my mind, LinkedIn is THE job/employment hangout. I am not sure how many people want to be looking for work on a site where many have pictures of themselves tagged in, well, situations that are not all that professional.

The blurring of the lines between work and social should indeed a concern. Many people enjoy the flexibility of having a work persona and a private one. How will the continued knitting of these two sides of our characters impact who we are and how we behave?

So, watch this space…and, please, do get in touch if you happen to notice the option to add professional skills on your own Facebook page.

*UPDATE: It is still not on my own FB, but a friend fired over a screen grab of the Professional Skills options from his Facebook page. Thanks Pob!
FB professional skills

Carole TheriaultThumbs up to a Professional Skills section on Facebook? [UPDATED]

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