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People are getting hoooked on podcasts. Think of it as audio Netflix.


Get expert podcast help from award-winning Smashing Security co-founder, -producer and -host. Carole has also produced and hosted segments on CyberWire’s new popular technology podcast, Hacking Humans.

  • Experienced hosting services and training
  • Expert editing services
  • Content creation
  • Helpful and friendly podcast guidance

Maybe you have an idea for a one-off short series or a running daily/weekly/monthly series? Or you want to explore whether investing in podcast production is right for you? Perhaps you want to produce a regular podcasts for staff only?

Tick Tock Social can help make it a reality.

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Why podcasting?

Podcasting continues to gain popularity and traction, with impressive year-on-year growth. Currently, Apple Podcasts reportedly features more than 500,000 active podcasts.

What makes podcasts so special is the flexibility of the format. They can range from a daily five-minute briefing to a two-hour long in-depth discussion; they can be highly produced for a polished finish or kept raw, for a minimally interfered feel: and podcasts can showcase an interview, a debate, an FAQ, an expose, a case study…the combinations and possibilities are many.

Put simply, Podcasts allow you to showcase your best company assets, be they people, services and/or products in a fresh and exciting way. It is a platform to educate, share ideas and opinions, and learn. Podcasts, if done well, can create a stronger connection with an audience.

Sponsoring Smashing Security podcast

Almost half of all Americans have listened to a podcast, with 1 in 5 listening every single week. While UK findings say a quarter of its people have listened to a podcast, a whopping 76% have followed up on a sponsored message.

“Podcasting is truly an opt-in medium that creates listener trust, fosters intimacy because it’s consumed audibly and is measurable and scalable. Additionally, most ads come in the form of a host-endorsed message, which is an incredibly effective method of converting a call-to-action to a sale.”

Smashing Security has a number of sponsorship packages available for our award-winning show, Smashing Security.

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No matter what messages you cram in, if it’s not clear, it’s no good.


Content is king. Keep your readers properly informed with reliable, engaging blogs, fresh reports and press releases.

We have a strong background in professional writing in the information security as well as the broader technology sector.

From technical reports and papers to case studies, award-entries, presentations, web copy and press releases and blogs, we work with our clients to create engaging, thought-provoking copy that underscores the key messages. Get:

  • expert information security and technology opinion and insight
  • experienced, professional copywriting and editing
  • engaging on-message copy delivered on time and on budget

Having both work in-house and agency-side for years, we have a keen understanding of internal processes, budgetary requirements, and the importance of providing high-quality work on time and on budget.

We provide both non-authored and authored work. Some examples of recent authored work:

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Always push at the boundaries of an idea. That’s when things can get interesting…


The most efficient way to communicate a message is to make it clear and engaging, and echo it across as many communications channels as you have available: blogs, social, web, newsletter, podcast, video, webinars, forums, case studies, etc.

We provide:

  • Board-level guidance for technnology non-profits
  • Crisis management for internal and/or external communications (eg cyber incident)
  • Campaign strategy to build marketing data sets, build brand and improve press relations
  • Business strategy to nail down targets and stretch goals and budget requirements
  • Guidance and support to get you where you need to be

Projects include:

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